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WOWgorgeousHOME is the leading Design and build company handling all kinds of custom housing projects in GTA, ON, Canada and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to deliver first grade builder projects with highest level of client satisfaction. We believe in working with our client’s to plan and making them aware about every small details of the projects for building their dream houses.

WOWgorgeousHOME takes great pride in building exceptional houses and having a team of exceptional architects, designers, trade experts, and other accomplished professionals. As a client of WOWgorgeousHOME, you benefit from the company's unrivaled expertise and unwavering dedication to ethics, openness, and value. We not only promise on completing the project on time, but also caters to client's request on any changes during the building process. We have open lines of communication throughout the project, and we always give you the chance to voice your opinions about any changes you would want to see made to the renovations we carry out. You may rely on us as a reputable, capable, knowledgeable, and open firm for all of your building needs.

Building a home is always an extremely exciting and lovely experience for every individual. though sometimes, this procedure can become tiresome for some people. Here is where our assistance and knowledge comes useful. The services offered by WOWgorgeousHOME make this procedure simpler and less taxing for you. Our services include floor plans, interior design, major renovations, custom home building, and everything in between. By carefully considering each step of the building process and paying special attention to every detail, we produce exceptional designs that meet your needs. Various construction projects are also carried out by our business. We have the tools and the labor force to swiftly build any kind of interior or exterior project. We offer construction services, designs, engineering, and decorations in an effort to serve as a one-stop shop for all design build requirements. Additionally, you will receive reasonable prices and exceptional remodeling and renovation services because of our commitment and integrity.

We deliver great projects in the Brampton, ON, Canada with high-quality, individually built homes that combine traditional beauty with modern upgrades. Our business constructs high-end luxury homes, and we give the same level of attention and time to all our clients. We will walk you through each stage of the planning and construction process so you can have the house of your dreams. Some of the services we offer are:

  • create and construct a new custom home
  • remodeling the entire house
  • upgrades to the kitchen and basement in luxury
  • Underpinning, waterproofing, and structural



We at WOWgorgeousHOME understand the value of house properties and the potential revenue they can provide. This implies that it is crucial to maintain the property and prevent it from suffering any kind of run-down. We use High quality building material and strong foundation for all our homes to ensure that the property sustains as new for a long time. At WOWgorgeousHOME, we have professionals with more than a decade of experience in building custom homes.
To help you keep track of your money, we break down the prices and provide a suitable budget to each component in the development stage. among other things. We are aware that building a house costs a lot of money, thus the budget should be decided after having complete knowledge of the work requirement.

With us, You can construct a living area that is unique to your needs and those of your family with the help of imaginative designers. We strongly advise finishing designs and obtaining permissions over the winter and beginning the actual construction process in the spring for your new custom house or garden suite project. For new constructions, this timing is the most time- and money-consuming. If homeowners begin their renovations in other seasons, there is obviously no break during the winter.

With little to no work and as much time as you choose to devote to it, WOWgorgeousHOME can completely alter your house. Without having to leave your current location, your house would be changed into the home of your dreams. WOWgorgeousHOME can take care of the entire renovation as per your need, whether you want the entire space restored or just a portion of it!

A project manager will always  monitor the on site construction every day. Our team’s experience and knowledge allow us to guarantee that your unique home will be comfortable for a very long time. Before they materialize and impair the home’s functionality, we will spot any issues and fix them.

WOWgorgeousHOME give close attention to every little aspect and details of each project. Every room in your house will be made exactly how you want it to be. Our company strictly adheres to all building standards and protocol.

Our entire team of experts apply their full knowledge and experience to ensure that every step of the process is being followed for successful completion of all custom building projects. We are known for the most innovative and fascinating housing designs, our team of architects and engineers are among the best in business. Our assigned project managers at WOWgorgeousHOME will handle all of your permits and city notices.

Although homeowners looking to create their forever home make up the majority of our clientele for custom homes in GTA, ON, Canada and the surrounding area, we also deal with real estate firms and investors. 

The ideal business to contact is WOWgorgeousHOME if you want a house with distinct features catering to your specific requirements. We have been constructing unique houses in GTA, ON, Canada and the surrounding areas for more than a decade. You can build your dream house with our experts, with the best guidance and suggestions for the designs.


John Doe@username
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WOWgorgeousHOME went above and beyond with our makeover. We have modernized our 1980s house and are once more in love with it. The project manager listened to what we wanted in the remodeling, offered us useful suggestions, and checked in with us frequently to make sure we were happy with the progress of the work. Never did we feel compelled to accomplish more than we wanted to or could afford. Highly impressed with their home renovation services in GTA, ON, Canada. Thank You!
Amy Smith@username
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Everyone is shocked when we tell them that our renovation experience was fantastic. Their staff was excellent from a distance, going through our budget and what was reasonable in great detail. Their project manager put in a lot of effort at each stage to make sure we had what we needed on schedule. When HVAC issues came up, we were given a few solutions, which allowed us to keep bulkheads to a minimum in our modern home. The exchange of information was always excellent, and the project manager kept in touch with us every day, if necessary, via phone, email, or text. Honestly, the Custom Home Builders were fantastic from the beginning to the end and made the renovation process quite simple.
Robert Wlliams@username
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WOWgorgeousHOME was really professional throughout! If we ever need them again, we'll hire them without hesitation. Highly Appreciated! Kudos Guys!!
Kate Brown@username
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I had an amazing experience with WOWgorgeousHOME as they have designed my new home as per my expectations and out of the box. I am really impressed by them. Highly Recommended!!
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