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WOWgorgeousHOME provides superb home extension and addition services in GTA, ON, Canada. We can handle all of your home addition requirement and needs, whether you want to extend the front yard, add a second floor, or only require a dormer. Call us to schedule your free consultation with one of our custom house builders.


A home addition project is an excellent choice if you want to add value to your house or in need of any new requirements for the p

WOWgorgeousHOME has been providing home addition services to the residents of GTA, ON, Canada and sorrounding areas for more than a decade now.You can rest assured that your house is in good hands owing to our expert professionals and years of experience in handling Home addition projects and catering to your custom requirements..

  • Adding Space to Your House
  • Increase House Value
  • No Moving Expenses
  • Stress-Free Building Experience

WOWgorgeousHOME takes great pride in building Exceptional houses and having a team of exceptional architects, designers, trade experts, and other accomplished professionals. As a client of wowgorgeoushome, you benefit from the company's unrivaled expertise and unwavering dedication to ethics, openness, and value. We not only promoise on completing the project on time, but also caters to client's request on any changes during the building process. We have open lines of communication throughout the project, and we always give you the chance to voice your opinions about any changes you would want to see made to the renovations we carry out. You may rely on us as a reputable, capable, knowledgeable, and open firm for all of your building needs.

Building a home is always an extremely exciting and lovely experience for every individual. though sometimes, this procedure can become tiresome for some people. Here is where our assistance and knowledge comes useful. The services offered by Custom Home Builders make this procedure simpler and less taxing for you. Our services include floor plans, interior design, major renovations, custom home building, and everything in between. By carefully considering each step of the building process and paying special attention to every detail, we produce exceptional designs that meet your needs. Various construction projects are also carried out by our business. We have the tools and the labor force to swiftly build any kind of interior or exterior project. We offer construction services, designs, engineering, and decorations in an effort to serve as a one-stop shop for all design build requirements. Additionally, you will receive reasonable prices and exceptional remodeling and renovation services because of our commitment and integrity.

We deliver great projects in the Brampton, ON, Canada with high-quality, individually built homes that combine traditional beauty with modern upgrades. Our business constructs high-end luxury homes, and we give the same level of attention and time to all our clients. We will walk you through each stage of the planning and construction process so you can have the house of your dreams. Some of the services we offer are:

  • create and construct a new custom home
  • remodeling the entire house
  • upgrades to the kitchen and basement in luxury
  • Underpinning, waterproofing, and structural




No matter how big or little a project is, at WOWgorgeousHOME, we always begin with a consultation. Before we talk about the modifications you want us to make, our experts will visit your property to evaluate its condition. The session will assist us in comprehending your goals, expectations and your vision. The consultation also gives us the chance to learn more about the location and assess the project’s viability.



As each remodeling project is distinct, we develop a practical and personalized strategy based on your expectations and the distinctive aspects of your house. We delve into the details of each project during the design development phase. We’ll measure the area and draw out plans for the arrangement. When everything is chosen before construction begins, a project runs more smoothly. You will have the option to select designs from our current collection. Additionally, we are able to develop brand-new, specially made designs that meet your requirements. Homeowners occasionally lack clarity regarding the adjustments they desire.



In order to make sure there is no possibility for error, we will review the original designs. Meetings with the architect and interior designer are required during this phase. We will go over all the designs and ideas together to make sure they live up to your expectations. We need to be sure you adore the designs on paper before we proceed with making them a reality. We use cutting-edge 3D renderings to provide our clients a clear picture of what the remodel will look like. This provides you with a clearer look and an opportunity to modify the design. You will have the opportunity to consider all your options and weigh your options with those of our specialists.



After your approval on the design, we’ll commence our work on building as per the approved design template. We at WOWgorgeousHOME are aware of the inconveniences that a construction or renovation project can cause. Remodeling might occasionally feel like an intrusion on your house. We try our best to have as little of an effect on the remainder of your house. We’ll get all the required licenses and get the local government to approve the plans. Particularly if the project entails making significant alterations, such as home extensions or complete house restoration, permits and plan approvals are essential. 



You can review the work done after the project is finished and even during the home addition process.  The project manager and supervisor on site will give you complete assistance in case of any changes or unforseen requirements during the building process.. The goal is to make sure you are content and happy with our services. At WOWgorgeousHOME, we strive to both meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. You are allowed to hire an impartial inspector to assist you in evaluating the completed job. Before leaving your property, our skilled crew will check to make sure you are happy. We provide a two-year warranty with all of our renovation work.

Credibility, Refined Process,
Quality Workmanship



When you add on to your home vertically, it is referred to as a storey addition (also known as building up, top-up addition, second floor addition, etc.). There are generally two methods for adding a floor to your house:

  • ripping out the main floor’s roof, putting in a new one, and starting from scratch to construct the second story.
  • constructing an additional level, temporarily removing the roof from the main floor, and then replacing the original roof.
  • The design of the current roof will dictate what kind of floor will be added.

A roof may not always be able to support the weight of a completely new floor. In this situation, it is advisable to remove it entirely and replace it with a new structure that serves as both the second floor’s foundation and the main floor’s ceiling.


A house addition is a fantastic method to increase the size of your home without having to move. We provide a wide range of house additions, including loft conversions, multi-story additions, and single-story additions. The addition for your home should be chosen based on your specific needs as each style of extension has advantages of its own. For instance, a single-story addition will increase the amount of space you have on the ground floor, whereas a loft conversion will add a bedroom or living area. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can also decide to expand your home in a horizontal, vertical, or outward direction.


Why not create a usable living space out of that spare dormer space so you can increase the value of your home? A dormer or attic might let in extra light or improve the aesthetics of your home. This kind of addition is unquestionably the simplest and least expensive. The typical structure of a garage addition is an insulated box with a roof and a base. It does require some wiring and a water line extension, but the work shouldn’t interfere with the structure already in place. WOWgorgeousHOME’s specialists will assist you in determining how to utilize the given space. The Latin root that gives us dormitory or a place to sleep is the source of the word dormer. This does not, however, obligate you to use a dormer for that purpose. Your dormer is not limited to being a place for sleeping; you may turn it into anything.


One of the finest methods to take care of and add value to your property is to renovate it. Some benefits include protecting property from future structural issues and damages. Though, home renovations, can become very time-consuming and expensive if not done with a professional firm who values your time and money. WOWgorgeousHOME have been helping Home owners to renovate their property with more than a decade with complete client satisfaction. 

You can work with wowgorgeoushome to create the perfect house of your dreams. If you’re a first-time homeowner, you can begin your real estate experience with a simple house that needs little upkeep. Maybe you’re searching for a luxurious home with all the latest amenities that is also eco-friendly and energy efficient. Any type and style of new home can be designed and built in GTA, ON, Canada by WOWgorgeousHOME. 

Regardless of your preferences or financial limitations, the professionals at WOWgorgeousHOME can assist you in selecting the custom home that best fits your lifestyle. We are imaginative and can work with you to build a personalized home that incorporates the architectural characteristics you desire, fusing different materials and features to make your house as unique as your family.

As more people relocate to GTA, ON, Canada, they search for residences that provide a variety of amenities. Some people want finished basements, while others seek out gourmet kitchens or spa-like bathrooms. WOWgorgeousHOME can make improvements to your house if it doesn’t already have everything. We have better understanding of the improvements needed in the house that sometimes gets missed by homeowners and we share valuable suggestions to them for the same.

We can assist you in making modifications or additions to your home that suit your needs, and we can also offer renovation advice that will boost the value of your home and draw in potential purchasers when it’s time to sell. We stand behind the premium components and expert craftsmanship which we utilise in the houses we remodel and construct, which is why our projects are covered by our market-leading warranty. We work hard to maintain our reputation as the top house construction and design company in GTA, ON, Canada because we firmly believe that a project is never finished until the homeowner is satisfied.

Are you prepared to make the next move and construct the ideal house for your family? Our goal as a premier WOWgorgeousHOME in GTA, ON, Canada is to construct beautiful homes from the ground up. We want our customers to live happily and securely in a home that suits their requirements and way of life, instead of buying a prefabricated house that they would have to customize for their needs.

With a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals, wowgorgeoushome offer custom house design and construction in GTA, ON, Canada. Using our in-house designer and project managers, we’ll provide you a first-rate experience as we take care of every last aspect of your dream home from beginning to end. We would be honored to share our knowledge, passion, and skill with you to help your vision of a perfect home become reality, whether you want to build a house in the city or on the fringes of the GTA, Greater Toronto Area.w


Building Permit

A building permit is official authorization to start building, adding onto an existing dwelling, demolishing, or renovating. The architectural plans will be examined by our engineer before being approved for the permit. GTA, ON, Canada city ordinances must be followed for development to be allowed. Additionally, it must be safe to live in the new structure. Depending on the size of the project, obtaining a building permit in GTA, ON, Canada could take between 15 and 20 days. 

HVAC Permit

You'll undoubtedly tamper with or modify the heating system while adding more space to your house. In the additional space, you may install new radiators or ducts. You might also need to upgrade your furnace or boiler. Your HVAC plan's stamped drawings from our mechanical engineer will include calculations for heat loss. After looking through the paperwork, the city officials will grant the permit. The documentation must describe the mechanical system's design.

Plumbing & Drain Permit

Any remodeling or home addition that entails moving the plumbing fixtures requires a plumbing and drainage permit. A plumbing and drainage permit may be necessary for any remodeling project that involves the addition of a kitchen or bathroom. The required documents for plumbing work performed during a second-floor expansion will be requested by our specialists. Some GTA, ON, Canada home addition projects won't call for plumbing work or pipe extension from your current home. Before beginning the work, it is essential to confirm the local plumbing permit requirements.

Environmental Report

In the domain of environmental performance, GTA, ON, Canada performed especially well. The city came in eighth overall and first in North America. GTA, ON, Canada is dedicated to protecting the environment and developing into a leader in energy-saving urban development. In GTA, ON, Canada, tearing down an existing home before renovating it is necessary.


For a house addition to be effective, a clear vision and excellent craftsmanship are essential. For your project, you should work with wowgorgeoushome. On the inside as well as the outside, we can create a seamless transition between your existing home and the new addition. You’ll feel absolutely delighted with a job well done thanks to our carefully considered selection of materials and finishing. In GTA, ON, Canada, we have established a solid reputation for offering basic, high-end, and cheap home remodeling. When you get in touch with us, our experts will give you a list of solutions tailored to your requirements and price range. A group of certified architects and engineers support wowgorgeoushome; our experts will examine all the structural work and offer the appropriate drawings to secure the required permits.

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We never stop working on a project until you are completely satisfied with every part of it.

BASEMENT RENOVATIONS services Greater Toronto

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No matter the time of day or night, including holidays, if you have an emergency, we are always here to assist.

BASEMENT RENOVATIONS services Greater Toronto

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The needs of your project, the location, and the weather are taken into consideration while analyzing all of our materials.

BASEMENT RENOVATIONS services Greater Toronto


We are here to advance your project with pre-construction advice, construction management, and general contracting.


Use our online calendar to book an appointment. We meet to discuss your requirements and will provide a renovation solution that fits your budget. 

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